The Docudrama

The article which Michele was reading was about the latest docudrama, “Three Identical Strangers”. It was a complex documentary that was made by the British film-maker Tim Wardle. As the name suggests, it was a film about three strangers who turn out to be identical. But this wasn’t all.

Identical- The Word

The only thing which everyone wanted an answer to was how were the strangers identical. The film showcased three young men who met in their college for the first time and later realize that they were siblings. The boys for all their lives until then never knew about the existence of their sibling counterparts.

The Discovery

When in their graduation, the identical strangers were astonished to realize that they were all connected by blood and neither of them ever knew this. It was discovered that it was their adoption agency which did this game. They offered them for adoption to the different set of couples and never told them about their two other brothers.

Louise Wise Services

Their adoption agency Louise Wise Services had done this on a purpose. This was all done under an experiment as the movie talks about. What bothered Michele the most was that even she was adopted from this agency. Was this just a coincidence or there was more to it?

An Experiment

The adoption agency had a different take on this. According to them, the siblings along with other children were a part of the experiment that late psychologist Dr. Peter Neubaurer conducted to study the behavioral changes of the same DNA kids when they are raised under different economic, social and physiological factors.

Raised Suspicion

Michele could have just brushed off the suspicions she was having in relevance to her birth. All those years, she never wanted to look back but when she realized that she was being offered for the adoption by the same agency, she couldn’t hold back. However, there was one particular aspect which drew her to make this search.