Things Only A Mother Can Feel

This is Daya, a three-year-old pit bull dog.
A child is the best gift a mother can have. Be it human mother or animal one, she does everything she could to keep her baby safe and happy. But not all mother on this earth is fortunate enough to retain that gift. Some of them lose it forever. This story is about that mother who lost all her children to death. Daya, a three-year-old Pit Bull mamma underwent the worst tragedy of her life when death took away her children from her. But mind you, this is not the end of the story, the destiny had some other plans for her.

Amazingly Possessive

A mother dog equally loves their younger ones as human mothers do. They tend to every tiny need of their kid. The mother dog protects her children from any threat she senses. Even a usually calm dog can turn aggressive if you try to go near her pups. She expresses her love to her kid by licking and cuddling them.


There is a lot of myth doing the round about this species. First of all, not every one of them is perilous. The personality of a Pit Bull varies depending on the kind of upbringing they receive. Some Pit Bulls are designated as dangerous because they are aggressive and very stubborn. On the other hand, some are extremely sweet and endears human presence. They like being domesticated and are willing to participate in every activity that family indulges in. Whether a dangerous one or a good one they all are required to do some physical exercise every day.

She Was Taken From Street To Shelter

Daya was found wandering the streets in South Carolina.
It all begun when Daya was spotted roving the streets of South Carolina by the locals. Perceiving her roofless, people took her to a local shelter. And it was then the supervisors found out that she is pregnant.

From Pregnancy To Euthanization

Unfortunately, the shelter was full due to overcrowding.Well, the “good news” was not good for Daya. The shelter was too crowded to provide a space for her offsprings.  Which implied that she had to be euthanized till the providers could find out a suitable place for her and her babies.

Interference Of Rescue Volunteers

Luckily, Halfway There Rescue took over responsibility of finding a foster home for Daya.
However, the rescuers took over the torch and endeavored to look for a foster home for Daya. The efforts did bear fruit and soon Daya was taken to a foster home. That was the perfect place for her to bring her child to life. After that, she was taken to vet for a check-up, where a heart-sinking disclosure was awaiting her.