A Warrior

Jackie had never felt this weak before. She had served in the U.S army and the discipline there had made her a strong woman. A woman with a bold heart and thick skin. But with just one waitress’ intrusion into her personal life, Jackie went weak on knees. How did it all happen?

Crossed The Line

Jackie recalls, on that particular day at the restaurant she was breastfeeding her youngest son. This wasn’t the first time she fed her baby in public, but it was surely the first time when a waitress crossed paths with her. Jackie never expected something this odd from another woman. And this particular incident made her crave for her husband’s attention.

Messed Up

With three equally young kids, Jackie was a busy mom. She needed to be particular about their health and nutrition. She would often be found with messed up hair bun wearing an apron covered with dough in the kitchen. But, she never bothered about her clumsy looks as she was confident that Tom is always with her and never cared about her looks. Was she right?

Still Dashing One

However, Tom Smith grew old like a fine wine. He was still as dashing as he was in his young age. Women still desired him. Jackie herself admits that she had caught many women looking at her husband and stare at him. But she was never bothered by them until then. On that day she thought that probably she was losing over her hubby’s interest. Was she?

Was The Spark Lost?

Did Jackie get too occupied with her children that all this while she lost her Tom behind? Was their marital spark all gone and a careless partner made Tom turn swiftly to another woman? In this entire story, the most talked of was the part where Tom grabs his cellphone immediately after the waitress slipped the note to him. What was Tom up to?

Constant Effort

Every marriage demands a constant effort from both the partners to sustain. But when parenthood comes into the picture, a couple adapts to the ongoing changes. Parenting is a tough task but one can’t just escape from the responsibilities and commitment. That dinner night broke all the happy illusions that Jackie carried about Tom. Tom’s reaction baffled everyone.