A woman’s life is challenging. It becomes tiresome when she has to fulfill all the roles from managing of the house, to looking after her husband and raising her kids. Jackie Johnson-Smith, a woman in her thirties soon only realized that motherhood is no cakewalk. While she was somehow coping with her growing responsibilities, she comes across her worst fear, the fear that her husband had lost interest in her. Her fears come true when a waitress at a restaurant passes on a note to her husband under the table, and her husband immediately grabs his cell phone.

Witnessing such an incident made her lose her cool. Her marital life was shattering right in front of her eyes. And when she saw the words on the note, she began to sob even more badly. What was there on the note? Was it the evidence of her husband cheating on her or was it something even worse?


We live in a competitive world where all one hears is “The survival of the fittest”. This is often related to the one who is a perfectionist. The one who can master all the acts. And when it comes to humans, we believe a man is perfect if he is well- to- do, takes care of his family while a woman is perfect if she is beautiful, takes care of your children, can manage her work and home, and is a perfect companion to her husband. Jackie was imperfectly perfect until the day.

Happy Together

Jackie Smith and Tom Smith were married for quite long. Their days were full of love and laughter. To them, life was beautiful as they found each other to be just what they desired as a partner in life. They were so involved in their relationship that even their friends and family adored them and marriage like theirs. None had thought that this couple would one day stand at a point where their fidelity would be at stake.

Doing Great

Jackie was a mother of 3 sons. She had been doing her work the best to her knowledge. Looking after three kids wasn’t an easy thing, but she would make sure that she gives proper attention to each of them. Somewhere she was so much into being the role of a “mother” that she kept the role of a “wife” aside. And that day at the restaurant she was hit with this realization.

Never Thought Of

Jackie had faced many bitter incidents in life, but that day at Des Moines, Iowa she had one of the most difficult one. One waitress decided to approach Tom in her absence, this scene itself bothered her too much and Tom’s reaction towards the waitress brought tears to her eyes. She was just broken.


Tears rolled down her cheeks. A marriage that was her everything seemed to break apart. She was feeling betrayed. All she had was a question to ask Tom that where did she go wrong or what was the point where she did not give her best. She immediately decides to confront Tom and get the answers. The answers which made all the difference in the days to come.

 The Reason

Jackie wanted to know the reason behind the waitress and her husband sharing looks. No wife would not be able to unsee such a sight. To the best of her knowledge, she had given her marriage the best of her and to her, it was her sole priority. Then was it her appearance after turning into a mother that did not seem pleasing to Tom? What made Tom do this?