Very Bad Fate

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Imagine the amount of trauma and fear this incident must have instilled in the poor defenseless girl. “I saw a hand cover my mouth – a black hand in a white hanky. Then I realized there were two people taking me away,” Marina later revealed in an interview she gave. She claims that there was a very strong smelling chemical the stranger used. It must have been chloroform.

Too Quick

Marina obviously passed out because of the mysterious chemical that this person used while grabbing the poor girl. The only memory that Marina had of this incident was the fact that she was indeed going to die then and there. The stranger that grabbed her was very quick and sly so Marina never got the chance to do anything about it. Everything was a blur and she did not even have time to cry out for help…

Blinded By The Light

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So when Marina was asked later about what happened next, she revealed that she did not remember anything past the grabbing. She could only recall waking up hazy the next morning with a slight headache. Her eyelids became very heavy then and she was able to tell that an engine and even farm animals were in her presence. She was able to decipher that she was in some sort of a truck or a car…

Moment Of Realization

Since she had been chemically intoxicated, Marina was not able to open her eyes that easily. However, when she finally summoned the strength to do so, she was blinded by the sunlight. She was terrified as she could not tell just how long she had been kept like that by the stranger. She was not able to look at her captor and also realized that she was not exactly alone too…

Unknown Fate

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Marin was shocked because she could hear the sounds of other children. It was truly a shocking moment for her because she was not exactly alone in this vehicle. Marina could even hear children whimpering next to her. She could hear the sobs of other kids that must have been kidnapped as well.  All around Marina was in danger and she had this feeling that it would be the end for her…

Unconscious Again
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Even though Marina was filled with fear and desperation, she was gradually getting more and more tired. This was probably the after-effects of the drugs that she was given by her abductors. And so, she gradually slipped back into unconsciousness. Her body could not stay awake anymore and so she dozed off not knowing what lay in store for her…