Her Lucky Kids

As she traveled down the memory lane, she got a reality check when she heard other passengers showed their disappointments by calling out the crew. They needed answers for such a long delay. The kids boarding along with their parents started creating a fuss due to the delay. She thanked her stars that her kids were not facing the same and are lucky that they did not board the flight.

Greatest Fear

Like many other people, Kristen finds it to be her greatest fear of being trapped inside a plane with no way of getting out. She could sense a drop of sweat dripping down her spine which made her more nervous regarding her reunion with her family. Before coming to the airport, she was on cloud nine, now, all she could feel was fear, negativity, and pessimism.

The Silence

Everyone on the plane was busy doing something which made the plane look more like a wake. She was getting wrong notions which made her overthink the scenario. The silence killed her positivity from inside giving birth to unrealistic questions which made her question her instincts.


Kristen’s thoughts were overpowering her. She thought the other way round. “Hijacked”! she thought inside her head. She imagined for the second time. Her head full of questions was coming up with every possible negative thought. She then started joining the dots based on mere assumptions. The flight, she thought, was hijacked, hence, the plane was not able to take off.

Technical Issue?

The second thought that flashed inside her brain was “technical issues”. She was sure that there must be a massive reason behind this delay, so she created a hypothesis of that situation covering the reasons that hindered the accomplishment of her mission, which was, her reunion with her family.

The Cause

On rolling her eyes, she could see a crew member standing and talk to an old woman. The woman was having a casual conversation with the crew member as if she was sitting on her couch and talking about life. Agitated by her actions, Kristen thought of going to her, asking her to leave.