It wasn’t without a reason she was comfortable with bees. She admitted, “[Bees] came into my life in a time that we had just suffered a miscarriage. It was our second miscarriage and we were trying to get pregnant,” Mueller explained. “I wanted to find an outlet for that emotion. That’s where everything fell into place for me — when honeybees entered into my life.”

The Bees

Bringing the bees to her belly was an arduous task for them. But they managed to pull it off once they displaced the queen bee from her hive. Consequently, that made the colony chase her. They even fed the bees before clicking pictures in order to prevent any bite from them. 

Queen Bee

The woman was holding the queen bee in her hand. Whereas all the other bees were scattered over her belly. While clicking the pictures, she made sure not to hold the bee tightly. She kept the bee in her hand as long as the photoshoot went.

Photos Taken

After having the bees gathered all over her belly, Damis started clicking the pictures. Photos came out way better than they had expected. They were extremely happy and so decided to share the clicks with the world. They put the pictures out on the internet.   

Warm Feeling

She even shared the feeling she had when bees were crawling all over the belly. “It was like this prickly feeling, very warm, and it smells like lemon grass all at the same time,” she recalled. “It’s kind of like when a kitten crawls on you.”

Lifetime Experience

Not only the couple enjoyed the photoshoot but also the photographer felt lucky to capture the pictures. Damis said, “Ever have a once in a lifetime experience?? Well that is what I got when I was hired to do maternity photos for Emily Mueller.” So how did the viewers react to the un-bee-lievable pictures?