Such A Good Guy

So when her husband got back from work, Paula had to find a way to let him know that she had lost something so precious. This was the part she feared the most because she did not know how her husband would react to this news. It was lucky for her because he was not a hot-tempered guy. But Michael was sad to hear that it would never be seen again…

Getting Affected Still

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Since he knew that this was not an intentional incident, he found a way to accept it without getting mad at Paula. As a matter of fact, when he came home to see that his wife was in such sorrow about the missing ring, he knew he had to do something to fix it. He then commissioned another ring just for her. But the original ring getting lost still affected her heavily.

Just Heartbroken

Exchanging rings is one of the most crucial key points that almost every wedding has. The ring has a deep meaning to the couple as it is often a token of their love and appreciation of each other. “It was heartbreaking,” Stanton added, “I was embarrassed to tell my husband because it was meaningful.” She felt so guilty and irresponsible.

Seeking Help

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Since she adored her ring and everything that it represented, Paula could not shake off the void it left when she lost it. She would often think about it every day, and each time she would look at her hand, she would be reminded ‘that’s not the original, just a replacement’. This haunted her too much, so much so that she spoke to Ted Gogol, her friend who worked at the public works department, for help.

A Long Shot

So since Paula’s lost ring still haunted her even after all these years, she knew she had to put out an effort once more. And after looking around, she somehow felt like her friend Ted would be able to help. There was only one question she had for this man. And this was her only query: “Have you or any of your team ever come across her ring after all these years?”

An Obvious ‘No’

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And although she was hopeful and a little anxious to know the answer, she had to listen to what he had to say. After asking him if her ring was ever found, she got her answer. It was unfortunate because Ted gave her the answer she did not want to her. The answer was a ‘no’. But soon after, something miraculous would happen, with Paula and Michael unaware.