Off Her Finger

We know that a diamond costly a lot. It is one of the most expensive rings one could ever buy. And so her diamond-encrusted wedding ring was definitely something precious. She realized that it was absent on her finger but Paula was sure she did not take it off for anything. This meant only one thing for the stressed out 60-year-old woman.

On The Toilet Bowl

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As she found out that her precious ring was not there where it was supposed to be, Paula was traumatized. It was not just a ring with a precious stone, it was a sign of bond and love she shared with her man. As she scanned through the bathroom, her eyes then got glued on the toilet. She remained still as her eyes were fixed on it. She realized that she had indeed flushed it!

Retracing Her Steps

So when there was no ring on her finger, Paula started panicking. She immediately looked and scanned everywhere to hopefully find it. After learning that it was gone, she had no choice but to retrace her steps, just in case. Paula attempted to remember where she had last placed the ring from her finger. She could not pinpoint the particular time, the day when it was not there.

Zero Chance

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And even after she looked all over her house that day in the hoped that the ring would somehow appear, Paula’s efforts went in vain. In the end, her eyes went to the toilet once more. She had no choice but to curse her luck because after all, this was one of the worst things that could happen to a married couple. She knew there was no chance to find it if it indeed got lost there…

Unfortunate News

And after she did whatever she could possibly do to find where the ring was, Paula had to face the fact. The ring was gone and there was absolutely zero chance of finding it. And Paula had to summon the courage to break the news to her husband. She then googled in the hopes that she would stumble upon an easier way to inform her man.

Internet Advice

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And so, with the help of the internet, Paula did find a good way to inform her husband about what she had lost. However, it would not be easy to tell her man, Michael Stanton anyhow. The website wrote, “It’s important to tell him or her immediately: The stress of keeping a secret is wearing and a delay may erode trust between the two of you. Be direct, apologize, and be understanding if your spouse becomes angry.”