Life is not just about achievements but failures too! Lessons of life and time can teach one more than all the books in the world ever could. When Dan Futrell and Isaac Stoner were filled with so many emotions that they decided to do what nobody was able to do in the last 3 decades. One task, two men, and several lives all connected to these men’s one decision. It all started when they heard about the missing flights whose relevant pieces of evidence were never found. Without any records, the reason for the accident still remains unknown. Dan and Isaac were no professionals yet they stood up to do what they strongly felt was right.

Two Similar Personalities

Dan Futrell, 33  and Isaac Stoner, 31 lives in Boston, Massachusetts and know each other for years when they were roommates. Isaac is a biotechnologist while Dan is an Army Ranger-qualified, awarded Iraq War veteran quit his rifle for a desk job. At present, he not only works but also holds a seat on the Somerville School Committee Boston. They look just like young professionals who work in 9 to 5 jobs and look up towards a successful future but what they’ve done is extraordinary.

Up For Ventures

Working in different fields, there was a similar interest that always kept their friendship strong. Their interests always matched whether it was their love for dogs or their love for marathons. Dan and Isaac both enjoy adventures. Although they have not chosen any adventurous lifestyle, they are ever ready for anything and everything that could possibly give them goosebumps. However, the way they made the decision of their life was nothing but because of their curiosity.

Mount Illimani

Giant Mt. Illimani (Aymara) is the largest in the Cordillera Real, Bolivia. The four main peaks of the mountain are visible from far off distance. It is even visible from the nearby cities of El Alto and La Paz where it is used as a landmark. With several local songs written on Illimani, it seems to be closely related to the locals’ hearts. However, the mountain was soon to be the only one to see the horrible accident of flight 980.

Flight 980

On January 1, 1985, Eastern Air Lines Flight 980 took off from Asunción, Paraguay to Miami, Florida, United States. The Boeing 727 jetliner operating the flight was scheduled to stop at the El Alto Airport near La Paz, Bolivia on their way. Unfortunately, the flight never landed in Bolivia as it crashed at an altitude of 19,600 feet (6,000 m) on the Mount Illimani. All the 29 people on the plane died.

Not So Simple

When the Eastern Airlines Flight 980 crashed researchers assumed that it would be a simple task to discover the reason behind the crash. Nobody realized in the moment of grief that the crash took place at such a high altitude that reaching the location of the incident wouldn’t be an unachievable task. Was it destiny or just a coincidence that Dan and Isaac felt responsible for doing something about the crashed flight, they never got to know but their urge of finding the truth was so strong that they just couldn’t stop themselves from listening to their inner voice. 

Reach For The Sky

For several months, many research operations were held with teams of experts to reach to the debris area. Different teams tried different tactics to reach till the spot; by air, by foot. Sadly, nothing seemed to be working for them as the plane crash location was covered with glaciers and snow. Days passed, rumors spread, the investigation was kept on hold and the family and friends of the killed people never got a closure. Until last year, all the attempts to reach close to the flight wreck went in vain.