Earn Her Trust

It seemed like nothing was working on Ruth. There were no answers from her side that could tell Kevin what made her take such a drastic measure in her life at this age of life. Being old is another kind of struggle in itself. Kevin’s heart was drenching in pain seeing this old woman in this condition. But he still needed to earn her trust before he could find out what was all going on with her.

Start A Conversation

Kevin sat beside her in the car, with no one speaking any word they sat there for a while. Kevin couldn’t take it any longer and asked Ruth about the situation. She didn’t say anything at that time and Kevin didn’t feel like pushing her any further. She already seemed lost, so Kevin moved out of the car leaving Ruth behind wishing to call out her name. But he was already counting his house stairs…and nothing.

Ruth Speaks…

The next day Kevin visited Ruth again in hope for some answers. Kevin moved towards the car, Ruth was sitting on the front seat with closed eyes. Kevin thought she might be sleeping. He didn’t want to wake her up, but to her surprise, when he was about to leave she called Kevin to wait. He stopped and looked towards Ruth. There is a reason why I am not going inside the house, Ruth said. His heart beating rapidly, she told him something. But what was that she told. What made Kevin burn down his house?

One Word Description

Ruth looked into Kevin’s eyes and told that her house is not a house anymore but it is a dump. Unable to understand what she was trying to say, Kevin waited for further explanation. What would you do if a person says that the house was a dump? You would just stand there in surprise and wait for that person to explain it further, right? Kevin wanted to see the house and was looking for Ruth’s permission. Something happened when he went inside and after that, he burned down his house. Why did he do that?

Permission To Go?

After Ruth told Kevin that her house is not a house but a dump in which she doesn’t want to live in. A dump? He couldn’t make what she was trying to convey which made him curious about the house. Kevin asked Ruth if he could take a look inside her house. Ruth waited for a while to answer him and then she said yes. Soon Kevin would find out everything that led him to take a¬†decision where Ruth lost her house forever.

Friendly Neighbor

What do you know about your neighbor except for the name? Every day you cross path with your neighbor. You wave them or just smile looking at each other. But what goes inside the house of your neighbor remains a mystery. They say that if you want to know about someone you should look into their garbage. But according to Ruth, her whole house was a dump and Kevin wanted to look inside to know her better. He found out more about Ruth when she told him something else that brought him into tears.