Where Was She?

And then he wondered where was Eno! He shouted out her name with a pounding heart. The woman lying a few steps away from him responded in a murmur. The woman too was unable to move. Apparently, she too was severely hit by the injury and could not move a limb. None of them had any idea where they were. 


They both were helpless, lost and immovable. And suddenly the sound of running water hit Lythcott’s ears. Perhaps, they were going to slip into a waterbody. It could be anything, a lake, a river or a sea. Both of them were terrified. 

Fallen Into Trouble

If the waterbody happened to be too deep they would drown as their injuries would not let them swim and if it was going to be very shallow that would kill them too with broken ribs and bones. In whichever condition, they were going to die.  

No One Knew

They were alone and nobody knew they had met an accident. Mikey also suffered a head injury due to the loss of helmet. What worse nobody knew they were in such a terrible situation. He said, “I then did think ‘I’m gonna die here,’ because no one knew we were here or went over and we were both hurt and for a minute I couldn’t even remember how we got there.”


What were they going to do now? They were too injured to crawl back towards the road to seek help from a passerby. They had no option. It was only going to get worse for them. 

A Victim

Mikey could not fathom how he became a victim of this unfateful accident. While recalling the entire scenario, he remembered that he had a local SIM. But that was of no use as it got broken in the crash. However, the luck was still on their side when he found an American cellular phone in his pocket. The battery was almost gone. Will he be able to make it?