What A Hole

So what exactly did Marks find when he took off some of the paving stones on the driveway? Well, Marks definitely found something interesting when he did so. He saw that there was a ladder-like structure protruding from the ground that lay underneath the stones of his driveway. He was left very puzzled about this because it was unlike anything he had ever seen before…

Waiting But Curious

But he remembered that he was not an expert at handling all this so he needed to wait for his father’s arrival. As he was waiting for his dad to reach his home, Marks began to get more and more curious to see what was in the hole. But he wanted to wait for his dad so he did not dig any further. However, he did want to know what this ladder lead to, what was hidden under.

Selfie Stick Help

Until and unless his father reached his house, Marks did not want to do any personal investigation any further. He decided to wait. But since he was too intrigued, he took a selfie stick and poked in and around the mystery hole. He poked his phone camera inside the deep dark hole that he had just uncovered to see if he could see anything worth noting.

An Unforeseen Discovery

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So after gathering this small amount of information, Marks got the sense that this might be something bigger than he had anticipated. He started to get the hint that this was no ordinary hole, that there an incredible discovery to be made soon. He did not expect to find all these weird findings but there he was wondering what purpose the hole on his driveway served…

Similar Incident

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About four years prior to Mark uncovering this strange and mysterious hole in his driveway, there was a family from a small town in Guatemala who discovered something incredible too. This family was renovating and remodeling their kitchen when they unexpectedly stumbled upon something amazing. The Ramirez family dug up ancient Mayan murals that had been hidden behind the layers of paint in their kitchen.

The Possibilities

When they made this startling discovery, it became a curious case for archaeologists who came to their home to investigate. These experts claimed that their home was about 300 years old and that it had probably belonged to someone significant as their types of murals were not for regular folks. This took place in a small town in Guatemala so in a place like England, who knows what mysteries like beneath the ground?