Trouble With His Car driveway house

As Mark had looked forward to spending his weekends nicely, he was not aware that this day was going to make a dramatic change in his life. He already made plans that day as he was free with no work. He was just backing his black Vauxhall Zafira out of his driveway that afternoon because he was planning to go out. But there was an expected friction on his front wheel. It was stuck for some reason.

The Reason?

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Since this never happens, it got Marks a little worried. He was not sure why his front wheels were not moving. There was a moment where he was convinced that he his car had fallen into a sinkhole in the driveway, or that this was the result of an unfortunately designed garden. Since he was the owner of this home, he thought that his day plans had fallen out the window that day.

Worst Expectations

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So upon realizing that there was something wrong with his driveway, Simon freaked out a bit. After all, who would be happy to learn about the fact that there was something in your driveway that blocked your car from moving! He was unsure how to handle this so he proceeded towards calling his father who he knew would be able to help. Marks later revealed, “I was just terrified the whole house was going to vanish.”

Informing His Dad

So since Simon did not know how to handle the situation, he knew that his dear father would know best. So after finding difficulty to back his car up, he went out of his car to see what the matter was. He then clicked a picture of what he saw there and sent it to his father. There was a crater that had opened up under his car that clearly showed that this was not a petty issue.

A Huge Hole

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Marks had asked his dad to see what could be done regarding this damage that had taken over his driveway. What would you have done if there was a giant hole in your driveway? As Marks patiently waited for his father to get there, he decided to poke around the hole a bit to hopefully uncover what had caused this to happen. Marks then removed the cracked paving stones that covered the driveway to get to the bottom of it all.

Not Just A Sinkhole

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So he could not remain still while waiting for his father to get to his place, so Marks began inspecting the hole in his driveway that blocked him from going out with his car. As he slowly took off the paving stones, he was sure that his answers would be answered. He had found something interesting. The hole was turned to be something greater than just an ordinary sinkhole.