Oh So Crowded

So Joe was there, standing with the crowd who had come there for the same reason as him. Joe was standing outside the container and there were around 15 to 20 other people. All of these people had come there, eager to rummage what had been kept inside the 5 x 15 Unit (75 sq. ft.). They all wanted to find something worth their time and effort…

The Storage Unit

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Joe wanted to make sure he found something worthwhile in this raid. But since this storage unit was equivalent to that of a one bedroom apartment, it would be foolish to be too slow and look around. There were dining table sets, couches, and some business merchandises. This place was certainly not worth spending hundreds of dollars on.

The Big Bet

So when it came time to bid, it was actually a fun time. The bidding was, however, not like they are shown on  TV. There is always dramatic, screaming, shoving each other, people shouting and just mayhem all around. However, there is no doubt about how fun they are. There is extra fun when a bidding war happens with somebody else too.

The Budget

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So since this was after all a bidding war, it was always a pleasure to win. Joe was sure to, however, warn himself not to get carried away. This was not his first time so he promised himself that he would, by all means, stick to the budget he had set. Since he knew he could not afford to lose, Joe did now want to risk all he had for a loss. He needed to play smart.

Getting Carried Away

Though Joe was not a newbie to this bidding war, he still had a hard time finding the balance. He had told himself to stick to his budget, but for this bid, he could not control himself for some reason. The container was full of furniture and other items he needed to take a closer inspection at. There was also another woman who was upping every bid of his.

A Heated Bidding

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And so the bidding started at $100. This was indeed a high starting bid, but since this particular container was full of object and items, no one could tell what might exist there. He began bidding, then the woman raised the bet a little to which he bet again. This was continuing for some time. The bidding war was heated and no one knew how long it would continue.