The Appointment

Without wasting any more time he showed up at the time of the appointment and waited for the doctor’s arrival. Soon he entered the doctor’s cabin and raised his doubts. To his surprise, the doctor passed him a smile and gave him the exact answer the other people were giving him. But this only increased his tension and he firmly asked the doctor not to take his case that lightly.


On his numerous requests, the doctor prescribed him some medicines and exercise. Kavin was still apprehensive about the prescription because he couldn’t make up his mind that this fat was just accumulating due to his age. He had a strong feeling that it was something else still, he agreed with the doctor and left the cabin. Would the prescription help him lose the weight?

Regular Visits

Kavin was someone who would take the doctor’s advice very sincerely and he had no problem doing the exercise too but his patience was losing day by day as he could not observe a single change in his weight. He sometimes doubted that the doctors must have left some surgical tools inside while performing his heart surgery. Would that be possible?

2 Years Later

It had been 2 years since he had started with his medication and he was able to shed off 34 pounds in total but to his disappointment, he wasn’t able to lose a single pound near his belly. His doubts were somewhere materializing but every time he used to pinpoint that incident his wife would casually brush off his uncertainties still nothing would calm him down.

The Next Step

Kavin was finally fed up with the doctor’s careless behavior and thought of firmly asking him to properly examine him to know the exact cause. When he reached there it was a long queue before his turn and this was getting on his nerves. As his turn came up he hurriedly moved inside looking for the doctor. At this point, his frustration had turned into anger. What would he do?

Firm Decision

He asked the doctor firmly that he should change his prescription and look into the matter seriously or otherwise he would be forced to take some action regarding the same. The doctor calmed him down by saying that he shouldn’t get angry on small things as this would affect his health, but Kavin was in no mood to calm down. He was eager to know about the reason why his stomach had started bloating even after all the exercise and medications.