A guy named John Sims of Arizona purchase his friend’s house unaware of the truth that lied beneath this beauty. The house looks like just every ordinary house, without even a single sign of anything unusual. However, outer appearance can trick anyone easily. It was a stunning property with a peaceful surrounding that was yet to be completely explored. Many families lived in the house since it was formed but no one ever noticed anything weird. But as it is said, sooner or later the truth is revealed, this house was ready to disclose the secret it hid inside it for years when Sims moved to the house with a startling mystery.

A Man From Arizona

John Sims, a citizen of Tucson, Arizona is an ex-firefighter who has always enjoyed living an adventurous life. His outings are usually dangerous places, long and tiring hikes and much more. His favorite movies are again thriller and action. His favorite hobbies are to wander and reach to the places he has never been to before. Even with his friends, he manages to get everyone agreed on doing something breath-taking. Sims wasn’t afraid of anything until he bought this house from his friend. Yet, this happy-go-lucky nature will be assisting him to the greatest adventure of his life.

 Love At First Sight

Sims visited the house and it was love at first sight. He felt like this house was built keeping his likes and dislikes in mind. Not only the house was perfect, but also it was close to most the important places in the town. Sims was charmed by the spacious backyard of the house which was a double bonus with such a feasible location and a fully furnished house. Sims liked the house so much that he was immediately ready to buy it. He negotiated for the price of the house and his friend finally agreed. He asked his friend to get the transfer papers ready.

The Beauty Of Secret

It was not just Sims but everyone liked this house which stood apart from the rest of the houses in the whole area. It wasn’t huge but certainly extraordinary. The kind of place where anyone will proudly welcome his or her friends. The very moment Sims moved in the house he felt a strong connection with the place but what he didn’t think of was awaiting him. The moment when he settled in the new place he was all set to make some changes in it as per his wish.

Something Unusual

The friend from whom Sims was buying the house, informed him beforehand that along with the house a lot of information will come to him through the neighbors as well as the dealers. According to everyone, people who have lived there for years have been observing mysterious happenings. But as per his friend, he never felt anything strange apart from what people have to say. What was told to Sims was that this house is built a long time back and could possibly the reason for all the rumors.

Talking Point

Sims was aware that people have been talking about the secret that the house is hiding in its vast backyard. He knew that the backyard was one of the main attraction of the house and for the same reason it might have become a topic of discussion in the city. As nobody had any reliable source about what they were talking, Sims was having a strong feeling that all these are just rumors which is again a common thing to happen with the most amazing house of the whole town.

It’s Strange

Sims was denying all the things he heard about the house he just bought but he couldn’t deny the fact that something was fishy with this house. Since the day, Sims was having nightmares of running in a narrow passageway that led him to a dark room where he enters. Once he gets inside the small room, there’s no way out and it becomes suffocating for him all of a sudden. At first, Sims thought it could be a result of the rubbish that people have been telling him about the house. But what if there was actually something in this house wanting to be revealed? This question kept Sims awake one night.