A man had been living in his house in Arizona with his family since years. Living in a house for very long makes it an important member of the family too one with whose each and every corner the members are acquainted with. But, in this particular case, the owner of the house was left shocked to discover something unbelievable and sinister from the depth of his own backyard years after he had started living in it. The discovery has changed his life totally. See how?

A Man From Arizona

Reddit user John Sims is a homeowner in Tucson, Arizona. Going by the name of “Captantarcitca” on the website, this man created a revelation when he wrote that he found something extremely eerie and strange on digging the backyard of his house. But, what had sprouted the idea of digging the backyard in his mind and yeah, what had he discovered after all?

Original Plans For His House

Obviously, the man did not wake up one fine day with the idea of digging his backyard! He had actually found the original plans of the house from the “city records” and after a thorough study of it, he noticed something buried deep in his backyard which he had never seen before and this made him jump into action. He was really very excited to see what it was and started preparing for it.