Awaken Malachi

His parents were sound asleep. They just could not sense that Malachi had gotten up. You might not believe what Malachi did after that. His parents still shudder at the thought of that.  

Up To Something

An Angry Fella

Malachi crawled towards the exit point of the camp. The camp was not properly zipped so he easily unzipped it. He did it all very quietly. The tent was wide open. And lastly, the 18 months old boy crawled his way out of the tent.

The Beach

Where do you think Malachi was headed? You are right! He moved towards the beach. As all happened in the early morning, there was no soul to be seen. It was only Malachi roaming on the beach. Soon, the hell was going to break loose on his parents.

A Morning Of Fishing

A Morning Of Fishing

Gus Hutt who had come to fishing with his wife had a fixed spot for fishing. He used to fish in Bay of Plenty. It was because the spot had many fishes. Little did he know that today everything was going to be different.

To Fish Near Campsite

A Small Doll

For a change, the man decided to fish near the campsite. This was the first time, he was going to fish somewhere other than his spot. The man had no idea what he was going to pull out of that water in a few minutes.   

A Small Doll

Hutt was waiting for fishes to hook in his fishing tool when his eyes caught a peculiar sight. There was something popping up and down in the sea. The object was quite far from his spot but he decided to find out what was that.