So, the couple did some research work and got their heart fixated on the Murphy’s Holiday Camp in Matata, New Zealand. It seemed to be a perfect place to spend their “we” time. But was it going to be the way they had planned?


They had high hopes with their vacations. Jessica was so excited that she was not able to think about anything else until the day came. She had done the shopping for her and for her baby as well.  


Finally, the day arrived and the duo drove to the campsite. It was beautiful and refreshing. They set up their camp right beside the shoreline. The day too was beautiful. This was the first time when they had planned a vacation out with their son Malachi. 


An Anxious Couple

After setting up the camp, Josh headed towards the water with his fishing tool. He threw his fishing line into the ocean. Jessica, on the other side, preferred sprawling on the beach with his son. Malachi who was experiencing all this for the first time was staring at it all in bewilderment.

A Fascination

A Fascination

Clearly, Malachi was all surprised. He liked this place as a smile did not leave his face for once. This is not every day you get to see this scenic sight. His giggling just did not stop.     

Playing On Beach

Malachi began digging holes inside the sand with the help of his small fingers. Malachi was enjoying his time at the beach. Jessica spent her all day there. Jessica took Malachi in her arms and brought him back to the camp. Malachi just did not want to go. She kissed him on his cheeks.