Father’s Wait

The daughter and mother were in their last moments together, meanwhile, Hans-Wilhelm was waiting for his family to arrive who will never make it to the airport. He kept on waiting but the flight never landed on the airport. As time passed all the other family members and a friend who was there to receive their loved ones at the airport grew anxious.

Restless Nights

Hans-Wilhelm returned home to a decorated living room with a Christmas tree in disbelief about the news that he just received. His 17-year-old daughter and his beloved wife became victims of an airplane crash. To make it worse it wasn’t just the feeling of grief that filled him but along with it, the feeling of regret tormented him. Yet again, this isn’t where the story ends.

Chilling Winterplane crash survivor

The Koepcke family shattered in the blink of an eye and he couldn’t do anything about it. He kept on thinking if instead of calling his wife and daughter there, he should have traveled to Lima. The thought didn’t let him sleep for days. He wanted to know where they were and what if they were alive. Was someone looking for them? Yes, a search operation started but covering Amazon jungle seemed impossible due to the weather for the next couple of days.

LANSA Flight 508

LANSA Flight 508 crashed. When this information was passed on to the people who were waiting for their loved ones, everyone’s heart sank. The joy of Christmas Eve was suddenly taken over by grief and agony. A plane crash at the height of 21,000 feet means almost no chances for anyone’s survival.

The Worst Case

Planes dodge thunderbolts every now and then but this was the worst reported case ever. Never in history, was such a case reported where lightning struck with so much power. That’s what the airlines had to say to save themselves but neither the people nor the authorities were going to take it as an excuse for 91 lives.

Anger Outburst

People started to protest against the last three recent crashes and now it was not going to be tolerated. If three flights of the same airlines get crashed then certainly something was very much wrong with their planes or with their way of operating.