It was on a freezing day when this man came across this cat right in front of his house, from the looks of it he assumed that this poor little creature had met a terrible fate. It was lying motionlessly in the freezing snow. As he proceeded to pass by this poor kitten he saw her paw moving and in that moment, he realized that he had to do something about it.

When this feline met her guardian angel not only her life was saved but she also gained unfathomable internet fame. Here is the story of the ginger tabby named ‘Elsa’!

A Cold February Day

On a freezing day when this seventh-grade science teacher was on his way to leave for work he noticed something strange in front of his home. It was a really sad sight since he thought he was looking at a dead kitty, but upon a closer look, he noticed that her paws were moving. Overcome with a sense of responsibility he decided he had to do something about it.

Picking Up the Frozen Cat

Upon making sure that this cat was indeed alive, he proceeded to pick her up and take her inside the house. While the temperature outside was dropping down to below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This kitty had somehow managed to survive this blistering cold. While this teacher wasn’t sure if this cat will make it or not, he was adamant about trying his best to help him.

Saving Elsa

The man also continued to film the entire incidence for his YouTube audience to see. It wasn’t too long after he uploaded it to his YouTube channel that this video reached over 3 million views. This was in just a month after he had rescued this little cat. Here’s what the man did to save her.

Warming Up

Although at first, this science teacher didn’t really think that this poor frozen kitty will make it, he still tried his best to nurse the helpless feline. He did this by placing the cat in a tub of warm water to allow his body temperature to rise and reach the normal feline core temperature. All this time he continued encouraging this cat with kind words. You won’t believe what happened when this cat finally opened her eyes.

‘Come On, Come On, Buddy!’

In this video, you can heat this man talking to Elsa saying: ‘You’re getting there, buddy’ While he was giving her a nice warm bath. This poor kitty needed to be constantly be kept in a warm environment, so it became necessary for him to warp the cat in warm towel continually. But all his efforts seemed to pay off the moment her nose turned into a healthy pink.


Within just an hour of warming up this little kitten, he heard faint meows coming from this little cat. Not long after that he also started moving and even helped herself to some warm milk that had been kept for her. While everything was now looking really hopeful, you will never be able to guess what happened after six hours.