The Long Trek

With help from locals, Scott was able to figure out the path to take which led to the caves. However, the journey was not going to be an easy one. First of all the caves were not in the path of plain sight. One had to travel deep in the woods of the countryside to get on the path that led to the caves. So taking roadways was not a possibility. Michael had no option but to travel on foot, trek through a wild terrain and then slow down near the alleged location of this grotto. Michael, like most professional photographers, had a keen eye and was a sharp observer, on his way to the caves he took pictures of the wild terrains he crossed to reach there. He had no idea that the long trek was the first of many obstacles, what he was going to face next might appear an unsolvable problem to some of us.

Follow The Rabbits

Those of you who have seen or read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets might remember that Hagrid told Harry and Ron to “follow the spiders” if they wanted to know the secret of the chamber. Well, Michael got a similar suggestion from the locals though the animals he was supposed to follow were not quite as dangerous. He was told that the caves were used as a burrow by many rabbits so even if he was lost, he need only have followed the wild furry animals and they would, unknowingly would have led him to his destination. And guess what? That is exactly what he did. After a long and tiring trek when he did not know where he was, he saw a cluster of rabbits, running somewhere, he immediately started following them but his happiness of coming to the location was only short lived. He put his video recorder aside as he was faced with a difficulty.

Alice In WonderlandImage result for alice going down the rabbit hole

Remember Alice who found a rabbit hole and swung down it like it was a slide? She was dreaming but for Michael Scott this was real. Scott’s happiness at finding the location of the cave was really short lived. It did not even last a minute. He found, that like Alice he was faced with the difficulty of the entrance. There was a reason why locals had told him to follow the rabbits. The cave entrance was only big enough to let rabbits or smaller animals in. What was this, thought Scott. He started to wonder if he had even come to the right place or did he get it all wrong or were the caves somewhere near? All these doubts clouded his mind while he was trying to figure stuff out.

Found Them But…

Yes, he found them. But that was not the real challenge, was it? Locals knew its location and they literally guided him to it. Though he had to be very careful; in an interview, he said, “I traipsed over a field to find it, but if you didn’t know it was there you would just walk right past it.” The first part of his journey was over but there was still a long way to go, the immediate challenge was this- the entrance was big enough only for the rabbits to get it, no human-sized figure could make its way through. It was a rabbit hole, almost like a dead end. Scott started to wonder, how to get in. He had heard that some sect carried out rituals of Black Magic in the caves, if that was indeed true there had to be some way to get through.

Where There Is A Will…

There is a way. In Michael’s case, the idiom came true. Just when he was about to give up after looking around for some way to get in, his persistence paid. Hidden behind bushes he found a human-sized entrance! Now, he had absolutely no clue what he was going to find inside as there had been no previous human record of going into these caves so he had to make sure he recorded his entrance into it and his first steps and that is exactly what he did. He recorded a video of his entrance into the caves, which can be seen in the next slides. Whatever he might have expected to be in the caves was not there, but he was dumbfounded when he entered this absolutely secluded location.

The Cult Stories Were Probably True…Related image

When he entered the caves and what his camera recorded only came to prove the legends the locals believed and the reason why the entrance to the caves was sealed and hidden. The contents of the cave all pointed to the fact that some kind of dark activities had taken place there or were still going on. The caves were located at less than 1metre under the ground. Initially, there was a tunnel, as can be seen in the video which opened up to a network of what seemed like walkways and arches which were carved out of sandstone and there was some font as well. But that was not the most interesting part…