Our planet Earth is huge and all the hidden places that have been discovered till date are probably not even the half of all what is hidden. Humans have tried to enter nook, corner and guarded natural places. They have succeeded in some cases, like finding treasure in the harshest of terrains but there are a lot of places they have failed to reach. There are places, that the mankind does not even know exist. And then there are those places, that people know exist but dare not approach because something either feels wrong with them or they are too hard to reach. It is exactly about one such place that we will tell you about today. Some people knew the existence of this place, but they never tried to look inside. There were a lot of reasons for that, but then came a man who ventured into those uncharted territories and locals were sure that no good will come out of it. If anything, something bad would happen to him, because they felt that the place was protected by some kind of forces. Finding the place was a task in itself, what followed…shocking!

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Quite literally, secrets that are hidden in caves are deep inside the earth. One would think that caves might be the most secure places to hide treasure or carry out activities that are not quite legal. Being under the ground, chances of caves being found are quite slim, especially if they are camouflaged well with the surroundings. Think of it, when we walk in the wilderness and stumble across a pile of leaves, we do not stop to look under it, right? Not usually, but such covering mechanisms have long been used to hide entries to caves and underground passages. Such is the story of this man who somehow, came to know about these hidden caves. How true was this statement he tried to confirm with the locals, and his journey to go where no man has gone before, began. 

Kind Of Photographers

The thing about Photographers is that they are part-time adventurers. They are so dedicated to getting that one perfect short that they sometimes jeopardize their lives by either climbing too high on mountains or swimming too close to a shark. They are the unacknowledged daredevils of our society who, even though they are trying to serve self-interest, nonetheless bring to our notice things we might not have seen with our own eyes. A lot of professional photographers even take on the role of explorers, trying to uncover hidden secrets of nature or mankind or discover something that was supposed to be a secret. This story too involves an adventure-loving photographer who went on looking in the wildest places for things he had only heard of as legends, to get his big break.

Man On A Mission

Michael Scott. He could have been an archaeologist or a student of anthropology but then he thought hey, I could be all of that if I am a photographer. Michael hails from Birmingham and is a professional photographer who saw a video online that peaked his curiosity. That is one of the basic characteristical traits that a photographer should have to make it big; curiosity to know things. Anyway, whatever it was he saw, he thought it worthwhile to make the 50 miles journey from Birmingham to a town in Shropshire. The journey was not really a long one but Michael did not know if it would really pay off, after all, all the proof he had was a video he saw and just on the basis of that he decided to move temporarily to a different town altogether!

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Michael always had a thirst for new adventures and a desire to stumble upon something that would eventually bring him fame. The saw the potential of just that in the video he had come across. The video was about a town in Shropshire which was known to be the location of hidden caves. Even though the History England listed the caves as “grotto” which means a small, picturesque cave they had not been ventured or looked into by any human. The location of the caves was such that if you were not looking specifically for them, you would walk right past them. They were not easy to find either. It is not surprising that no other explorer came looking for these caves except Michael, but their location was not the only reason why no one went near them.

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Michael was a self-acclaimed adventurer, thus this project of looking for these elusive caves excited him. He knew it would not be easy and it could even be life-threatening but it only made him want to discover the place even more. Michael, even though fairly well known among his circle, wanted to make a big name as a photographer. He was looking for that big break that would bring him acclaim and shoot him to fame. He had been on other expeditions of similar kinds before but to no avail but his instincts told him that these caves held a secret that the world would want to know. Why else would the natives not go there? What was it about this place that warned them against it? Michael just had to find out. He only wished that the rumors of its existence were true, otherwise all his efforts would have been in vain.

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No one had been inside those caves, that is the truth but Michael found out another interesting fact. The passage to the caves had long been sealed off because there were rumors that some sect came there to perform the rituals of black magic. And this was the reason why the locals did not even go near the caves even though they knew where it was hidden. But that did not stop them from helping Michael out. They gave him the exact location of the caves but warned him against supernatural forces. They even refused to accompany him to the location, he was on his own to make the discovery of his lifetime. He even made a video, which has been posted in the further slides.