Finding things long lost while cleaning the attic of our house or shelves in our room is a common phenomenon. It always pleases us to witness such a rewarding sight. But, what this man found out on a trip to his basement made him jump out of his skin.

An Old House

QdRXVCT-664x3741An old house is an interesting amalgam of curiosity and suspicion for anyone visiting it. Now, buying an old house is all the more a different ball game. As it comes with both it’s pros and cons of being engrossing and an equally uncharted territory beholding possible risks.

The Basement

secret-basement-room-2This man after buying an old house was engulfed with same thoughts. The mystery seemed to be intensifying for him when he found a weird panel on the wall of his smelly basement. On removing it he was taken aback by what he witnessed.

A Strange Sight

secret-basement-room-3It was not long after he moved into the house that he sensed an eerie atmosphere inside. Noticing a misplaced piece of plywood while walking down the basement just added to the suspicion in his mind. Carefully, the man decided to take a look at it.

Strange Gap

secret-basement-room-4The man was surprised to notice a spooky gap between the wood and the wall. At, that time the man’s heart was in his mouth. A plethora of thoughts started racing through his mind. He was completely perplexed regarding the decision to explore it or not.

Stunning Sight!

secret-basement-room-5The man finally calmed his nerves and took the brave decision of removing the plywood. The sight that he witnessed after that truly justified the dubious aura that was associated with it. The only thing left for him now was to finally unravel the actual thing.

A Safe

secret-basement-room-7The path to the secret opening inside the wall finally led him to a secret room! He was confused to see plenty of boxes and a locked locker inside it. He couldn’t comprehend the reason, as to why would someone put such things in such a shady place. He tried to open the locker but was unable to do so.