Wasn’t A Thief

When we see money, we cannot deny the fact that most of us would immediately grab it, look around to see if the owner is there. Then if there is no one around, we would take it. But Bobby was not a thief. This man did not even wish to touch the money with his hands. However, since he did not want anyone to steal them, he decided to take the money to keep it safe.

To The Bank

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And although his initial plan was to take some cash out for himself from the ATM, since Bobby met with such a strange incident, his whole plan changed.  And soon, after he took the money from the ATM, Bobby decided to do something he felt was right. He soon went inside the bank to have a word with the manager. He needed to clarify why the cash was lying there…

Who Lost Cash?

Bobby wanted to go to the bank to clarify something that most of us would not even think about. Bobby needed to get to the bottom of the mysterious money that he discovered at the ATM. He needed to know who had lost the money in the ATM. The only person who could give him his answers would have to be the bank manager.

Something Else

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But there was some issue because this was against the policy of the bank. Sadly, the manager did not want to disclose the information to Bobby. He did not tell him who the last person that used the ATM was. Since this was personal information, he was in no position to do so. And furthermore, the manager told Bobby something else as well…

The Manager Unable To Help

So when Bobby did not know what to do with the huge sum of money that he had found, he went to the only place he thought would give him help, the bank. But sadly, what was told to him by the manager was what he had not anticipated. When he informed the manager that he wanted to leave the money at the bank with hopes that somebody would come to pick them up, his response was an unexpected one.

Personal Reasoning

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Since his initial thoughts were that the bank would agree to keep the money until the rightful owners came to claim it, when the manager refused, Bobby was shocked. The bank manager had good reasons though. His reason was that he did not wish to be held responsible for the money. He did not want to be the one to accused if in case anything wrong happened.