Community Center

Baltzell had plans of letting the abandoned building give back to society in the best way possible. He wanted to convert the building into a City Hope Community Outreach Center and Church. That way the abandoned high school will find a way to be alive and filled with people again.


Converting a school into a church does not happen in one day. While Baltzell didn’t share his dream with anyone, he did need help to make it come true. He started the process of hiring workers for renovating the building and altering its structure into a church. But this process was more challenging than he had assumed.

Scared Workers

Baltzell assumed he will have to select workers based on their skills. But there was one factor that he forgot about. Every worker kept rejecting to work for the “haunted” high school. The pastor was in a really difficult situation. Making the purchase would not be fruitful unless he could successfully renovate the building.

Get To Work

After a long tedious process, Baltzell finally managed to gather a team of workers willing to work on the building and now, it was time to get to work. The team consisted of carpenters, plumbers, and construction laborers.

Extended Routine

The workers would reach the sight as early as 5 in the morning and work till sunset. Baltzell was proud that he managed to assemble a hardworking team. The structure was fine, to begin with, but the main changes were to be formulated on the inside. The structure of classrooms and restrooms needed to be taken apart before constructing new rooms as per the church layout.

Tearing It Down

Slowly, the inside of the building began to fall apart and new construction was commenced. By the end of that month, the ground floor was almost ready and the tearing down of the second floor had started. This floor had more classrooms than the ground floor and the plan was to break them down to create praying rooms by combining two classrooms.