A Little Help?

David thought of asking for a little help. Till the time he made up his mind and stood up, the people wandering here and there were out of his sight. He then decided to give up on the idea of hunting down an elk.

Glorified Past

David Bradt recalled how his father, who was a renowned hunter used to have an exact idea where he could find animals. His father was called “the shooter” by many people and David wanted to be like his father.


Bradt compared himself to his dad and thought himself to be a loser. He pitied himself for not being able to keep up the good name of his dad. He walked so that he could overcome his anxiety.

The Walk

The comparison he made was not even rational. The way he thought about himself lead him to nowhere and would evoke an inferiority complex in him. He rejects the fact that everyone has got different personalities and continued walking.

Breathtaking Sight!

While walking, David’s eyes caught a breathtaking sight. Crystal clear blue water reflecting the rays from its surface, moist land with trees around and the silence prevailed there helped David to escape the chaos. He could recall his old childhood days.

Remembering Childhood

Seeing the moist land, David could remember his childhood days when he used to create a castle out of the sand with his beloved sister. They used to have a competition of castle making which David used to win all the time.