In The Attic

So when he was done cleaning downstairs, Karl made his way up to the dirtiest part of the house, the attic. He dreaded cleaning the attic a little bit because it was indeed very dirty and disoriented. It would into be such an inviting sight to look at this and moreover having to clean it all up. As Karl Kissner started to clean the attic, he came across several sealed boxes.

Nothing Of It

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And so as soon as he saw the boxes, he was a little curious. Our immediate reactions would be the urge to know what was kept inside these sealed boxes. Since they were sealed up nicely, it made him question what could be inside even more? And also, since Karl Kissner was not expecting this he initially kept on cleaning because he thought nothing it.

A Curious Mind

And after cleaning the attic, Karl arranged everything in order. He was extremely tired as he had been working the whole day. But as he arranged the items in the attic, he saw the boxes once again and this time Karl grew very curious to see what was inside the boxes. He kept staring at them and made a few assumptions in his head as to what he thought they must be.

Waiting A Bit

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In his head, he was guessing that the boxes were storing some old newspapers or clothes. As we said, he wanted to clean up the whole attic before giving in to his curiosity. And so after he was done with everything Karl finally had time to find out what these mysterious sealed boxes contained. This kind of patience is truly incredible, isn’t it?

The Family Discovers

And so as he was done cleaning the house, the only interesting thing that Karl Kissner was ale to fish out were the mysterious boxes. And soon after, his whole family found out about the sealed boxes. And they were not as patient as the guys so they urged him to open them up as quickly as possible. They could hardly wait and wanted to know what was inside immediately…

Guessing Game

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There were so many guesses being thrown around as they looked at the boxes. The whole family had different guesses as to what might be kept inside. What had Karl’s aunt sealed away in her attic ever so nicely. There was a unanimous hope that what they found would be something valuable and precious. What was actually inside, nobody could have ever guessed…