A Community Staple

Sue and her husband both have been living in the Grimes, Iowa for nearly 30 years. They raised their three sons in the same house in which they started their married life. As the boys one by one went out of the house for further studies in colleges, she felt the house emptier with each passing day. There were only two of them left in the house and still, the house was crowded with so many possessions. It became too crowded for her and her husband. Eventually, they decided to sell some of the stuff. She was holding the treasure in her hand and still, she didn’t recognize it. It was Scappechi who knew its worth.

Out On The Prowl

Scapecchi would later tell the local Des Moines news outlet, KCCI, “I go in the summer, anywhere between 2,000 to 5,000 garage sales.” The 69-year-old knew his business really well and therefore had this sharp eye that could often pick out pieces of value. Scapecchi knew he would visit McEntee’s yard sale and through several garage sales, and then return home empty-handed and tired. But little he knew that he will find the most amazing piece he has ever found.

In Plain Sight

Sue was excited about the sale and the way she has arranged the items around her property. She divided the section and labeled all the items with a price tag on which she wished to sell it. Just imagine the situation, where she was putting the price tag on that particular item without knowing it’s usual cost. And it was about time for Scapecchi to enter into the story who will find this amazing treasure. Just feel the rush of him holding the treasure that was about to change his life forever. It’s all like a story, where a normal human wanders around a forest only to find something special that was destined to be found only by him. Scapecchi was the chosen one.

Making An Impact

To us, yard sales may seem a simple business where people sell their stuff at a very cheap price. But that’s not true. When you consider how many sales like this take place at once, the numbers begin to add up. And you will be surprised to know the revenue they create and we are not talking about annual revenue but weekly. The average weekly revenue from the US alone adds up to over $4million per week! Amazing, right? Now you know why people sell their unused possession. But there are times like this, where lucky people like Bruce Scapecchi find hidden treasure between all of this. Just like you, we are also curious about the treasure he found. What is it?

Success In Store

If you want to make your yard sale more successful, you can always ask for help from the people who host events like this and can tell you about the tips that can increase your chance of making more profit. Let us help you out, the first thing you should do before organizing the sale is to make sure that you have enough space for such kind of event. Second, put clear signs that people can read and can easily find the location so that maximum people can attend it. But if you’re just looking to get rid of your stuff, then don’t get caught up in quibbling, which is exactly what Sue did. Next point is the most important.

Hoops Entailed

You can’t just think of selling your stuff one night before organizing the event. Even the friendly neighborhood sale like this requires a permit from the local municipality ( we just saved you from getting fined) in order to proceed with the sale. Why is that? You ask. It is because they want to ensure that we are not using the sale as a guise to run a business. And that’s even fair. Scapecchi was lucky that Sue got the permit and the amazing treasure he was about to find would not be labeled as illegal. It would have been a different story entirely.