Life is a simple process and all we have to do is sit and relax while life takes its course. The unexpected events of life can make the process even more beautiful. We agree that not all outcomes are in our favor but still, there is a hidden meaning in everything that has happened and will happen to us. All we have to do is wait for that hidden meaning to reveal itself. It doesn’t matter if you are in a very bad place right now, this will all pass and something beautiful and amazing will fall into your lap. Just have a little patience, my friend.

This guy here would have never thought that he will find something this amazing in the local yard sale. It’s not every day that you look around these yard sale and find treasure. This is what we are talking about, the surprises of life.

 Trawling Through Trash

Bruce Scapecchi, from Des Moines, spends his weekends looking for unusual things in local yard sales when he stumbled upon this amazing treasure ( of course, he didn’t know about it before he bought it). Visiting local yard sales became his habit and the search for finding something amazing one day kept him busy all these years. Until he found this!

A Little Know-How

If you are wondering why this guy spends his weekends in local yard sales when he can just relax. But Scapecchi has a good reason for doing all these activities. He makes his living from dealing in antiques and loves his job. He travels from places to places in search of extraordinary items. But this time treasure came to him and it was something he never thought of finding it in this life.

Making Space

Sue McEntee, who organized this particular sale, works as an executive for a nonprofit organization. And she is not like other homeowners who just throw away their unused stuff. She knows that they can be used by the people who can make the most use of this stuff. So, she decided that it was time to part with the stuff and who knew unintentionally she was putting this treasure on sale and Scapecchi will be the lucky guy who will get his hand on it.

Giving Her All

Sue has spent her better part of adult life working in the non-profit sector. She has been the Foundation Director at Lifespace Communities for the past several years. From all her life experiences, she has learned how to convince the public to share their precious money with the organizations that needed it the most, and today, she is giving back to the community.

Trading More Than Space

The organization Lifespace Communities works for the betterment of the retired people. The organization has spread its branches all over the country. Talking of the donations that the organization has raised goes into aiding the elderly residents who live within the communities’ perimeters, especially on health care. Sue is an expert in her field, but the antiques were never her cup of tea. Because if it would have been then she wouldn’t have sold it to Scapecchi knowingly. He is a lucky guy and became the luckiest after getting his hands on this thing.

Calling Her Wares

To let people know about her yard sale, she advertised it in the old fashioned way, with pen and paper. She posted the signs around her neighbor with the direction on it that will lead the people to her house where the sale was happening. She wasn’t expecting a big crowd for her homegrown sale. But it looks like that the signs were only meant for Scapecchi. It was Sue who had put up the signs but for Scapecchi it was the life that was directing him to follow the direction which leads him to this discovery.