Icy Morning

It was a cold Sunday morning of the February winter. And as usual Ben Garcia was off to work. Despite the cold, he was quite quick in doing his work and delivering the parcels at the right addresses. And later that day, he had to work on behalf of a co-worker of his as he wasn’t available for work that day. And this is when things took a U-turn.


As Garcia was covering up for another mailman, he wasn’t really aware of the route he was supposed to deliver the stuff next to. While he managed to make the most of the day and deliver the parcels, there was one package which was still left. Little did he know that how this single package and his fate would meddle with each other.

Lost The Way

As Ben has never been on this route before, he was a little lost while driving. Though he was trying to be sure of the way he was moving ahead at, he certainly had lost the way. While the entire day went by fast, the delivery of the last package invited a mess. And soon only a bigger mess!

Broke Down

Ben was already mumbling about his lost directions and poor route, that the next moment turns even worse for him. His delivery van broke down in that freezing ice. The delivery which else would have taken him half an hour suddenly was taking more than longer. He was irritated by then.

Still Hopeful

Fortunately, the day wasn’t that bad either. A resident was passing by and offered to help Ben. After struggling a little with the ice and unknown route, finally Ben was able to escape the situation.  But he didn’t know that a bigger problem was waiting ahead.

Not Known

As Ben drove forward, he took one turn early than needed. He ended up coming on a residential street. However, he was hoping that he’ll manage to figure the way out and just then he saw something that leads to an unexpected fold of events that day.