Have you heard of Richard Sandrak? Well, if you don’t, we don’t blame you because he is more popularly known as “Little Hercules.” He gained fame because as an 8-year-old boy, he had the most astoundingly sculpted body in the world. His determination and vigorous workout is something even adult bodybuilders would fail to execute. So let’s get behind what made Richard mold his body like that and what he is upto these days…

Born In Ukraine

Way back on April 15 in the year 1992, Richard Sandrak was welcomed into this world in the country of Ukraine. He was born to world championship holder in the art of combat, Pavel Sandrak, and aerobics athlete Lena Sandrak. By the year 1994, his parents decided to uproot the family, moving to Pennsylvania. They did all this because they hoped that it would give a better opportunity in life for their son.

Innate Quality

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When they settled in Pennsylvania, his father started training Richard. He was just 2 years of age when his dad started making him get light weight training. Even at a very early age of training and working with lift weights, there was something about Richard that showed how good he was at it. This inevitably meant that he had a good chance of building a career in the future.

Richard Showed Serious Potential

When he was just two years old, everyone could see that Richard clearly had a knack for the sport. That’s when his dad made a sudden decision to move the family all the way to California. He knew very well that his son had a better chance in the sport there and that he would also gain exposure. He was confident that California would propel his son into fame.

A New Mentor

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As they were looking for the right gym to join when they initially moved to California, Richard’s dad wanted to be very selective. It was then that the duo met trainer Frank Giardina. Sandrak’s did not waste time and hired him to work as a mentor for Richard. Giardina then began working very closely with the boy and would stick with him for a very long time during his career.

A Brutal Training Regimen

Son after his dad hired Giardina, Richard had to be in the gym training every day, without ever skipping a beat. As a kid, he obviously had a day when he did not want to hit the gym. But all his whining or refusals did not matter. There was only one goal. His dad and his new trainer were too determined and they made sure Richard’s eye was on the prize as well.

Not Time To Stop

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If you think about it, all of his peers and agemates would be playing around, making friends and enjoying childhood. But what was he doing with his time? Well, Richard was busy doing over 600 push-ups and 300 squats every day. His coach and dad did not let Richard stop. They were too focused and wanted to sculpt Richard’s body.