A Big Mistake

The only and biggest mistake England made was to hush things up. After scoring three goals they should have sealed it but instead of that Roger Hunt hurriedly passed the ball to Charlton that in turn made Germans get back in their form. In the 89th minute, German defender Wolfgang Weber drove the ball past Banks only to face goalmouth scramble that gave way to free kick. By now all the player of both the teams were fatigued and were sprawling on the ground. The decisive moment had arrived with Alan Ball passing the ball to Hurst in the penalty area. It was a prelude to what we call the world’s one of the most controversial moments in the football World cup. Hurst made a right footed shot that dashed past Hans Tilkowski and striking the inner of the crossbar and lastly hoping on the goal-line. Hunt upped is hand in air jovially whereas the entire stadium and 400 million viewers who were watching the match on Tv were confused about the goal including Gottfried Dienst a Swiss referee too. Dienst went up to Tofik Bakhramov linesman to confirm if the ball crossed the goal-line entirely or not. In reply, the linesman indicated towards center circle by his flag which meant it was a GOAL. Find out in the next slide what Germany did next.

Change In Situation

The goal changed the score into 3-2. No need to say Germany had come under pressure and desperately started looking for an equalizer but the efforts were of no avail. Once again the winning goal was made by Hurst who also completed his hat-trick by the ball passed by Moore elevating the score to 4-2. For the first time in history, England the inventor of game conquered the World Cup. The entire crowd moved by the sight infiltrated into a playground. So it was just an extra moment that provided England such a big moment.

3. 1970 – Brazil Beat Italy

The 1970 World cup was organized by Mexico which made it the first World cup organized outside South American and Europe. Due to excessive heat in the country, the temperature would sometimes rise above 35 C and it was a time when the popularity of TV was increasing day by day. Consequently, more than half of the matches including finales were scheduled to be held in noon when the heat remains at the peak that for obvious reasons hampered the performance of players. This World cup is also remembered for being the first tournament to be televised in color. 

New Techniques Invented

Another factor that made this tournament interesting was the presence of Pele. Prior to the World cup, Pele had avowed in public that he would not play World cup but after four years in 1970, he not only played but led the most qualified team in the most awaited tournament. This World cup was different in the sense that the teams involved stressed more on attacking rather than defending. The entire championship was a big success and finale, well that was the most entertaining part of it with two entirely different countries facing each other for the trophy. Whereas Brazil took use of Samba style that concentrated more on dismantling the rival team, Italy, on the other hand, focus more on defending.


The real game began at the 19th minute of the game when Pele shot a header going past Rivelino. Italy earned tie by hitting a sucker punch when only eight minutes remained for halftime. Roberto Boninsegna took advantage of Colorado’s defensive glitch and hit the ball past goalkeeper Felix. In the second half, Brazil kept troubling Italy until in the 65th-minute Midfielder Gerson made a goal right from outside the penalty area that gave Brazil lead by 2-1. No need to say that by now the pressure had been mounted on Italy. It took worse form when just after five minutes Gerson once again came to the scene and passed a long ball forward to Pele. Pele passed it to Jarizinho who scored the goal.

The Moment

With the goal came the end of the second half and the beginning of the victorious moment for Brazil. Clodoaldo ad to wade through a bunch of Italian players before giving the pass to Pele. That was a sight to behold as the Brazillian player bowed in the left side and rushed towards the center. On the other side, Pele realized that Carlos Alberto was running towards the right side so he without further due made a perfect square pass 25 yards away from the goal that Alberto took over and hit it past Enrico Albertosi an Italian goalkeeper.