Seriously, Bro!

funny sports signsNo. no, no you are reading the epic sports compilation only. Through this we just want you to know that a fan is a fan and nothing can come between him and sports, not even the laws. Okay, I just got a little dramatic over it but what is this man doing? He skipped his court date only to see this game and is openly avowing about it. We really hope that this would not have posed problems for him.

Making It Political

funny sports signsNowhere freedom of expression is exercised as much as it is in sports events. You can easily make fun of players, referees, and presidents of countries. During a hockey match, this Canadian fan took President of the Russian Federation as a target. The man has compared Vladamir Putin and Poutin which is a scrumptious dish including french fries, gravy, and cheese curds and declared that he likes the dish more than the President. The president must have never imagined that he can ever lose to a dish….

Wives And Other Expenses

funny sports signsThese men have the estimate of everything from game tickets, beer (which I think they are under influence of right now) to their wives who stay at home. Their sign says it all, how dangerous it gets when their wives get out of their home and drives towards markets. It gets really expensive for these helpless husbands. We wonder the kind of treatment they are going to meet once they collect their souvenirs, walk out of the hotel and reach home to their home stayed wives.

Not So Nerdy Fan

funny sports signsThey say you should never ask students about their marks but what if the student himself trumps out about his abject performance in studies? This fan got so enchanted by the game that he forgot that he has a family to answer who also is watching the match. Despite his falling GPA, he has a great sense of humor that he put into display very aptly. If only could get you to score high. Hope his mother would let go of him this time.

Bend It Like Beckham

sports signsUmmm…..looks like Beckham is being offered new job here by these girls, which looks equally interesting. Evidently, these girls are confusing the movie Bend it like Beckham with David Beckham or perhaps are conveying their creative side by linking the two together. If latter is the case then these girls deserve appreciation. I wonder if Beckham noticed this placard and if he did what would have been his reaction.

Who’s Who?

sports signsHere is the father-son duo who are different in every possible way. Whereas the father is rooting for The Bruins, son is cheering for New Jersey Devils. Just in case you missed out n the fun part, the son who himself belongs to Boston is supporting its rival team of New Jersey. Moreover, that expresses his concern for the team for not having any fan. Surely, the kid is not clear about the definition of the fan and as far as his father is concerned well, you can clearly see his reaction.