What looked like any regular weekend “Do it yourself project” soon turned into an adventure of a lifetime. This Turkish man had never even dreamt in life the great discovery he was about to make, that to right in his backyard. Life really is full of surprises and this story is the proof.

Just a Small Town Man

In a very remote part of Turkey, this man lived a happy life in a tiny village. Though there weren’t many challenges to living in this part of the world, This particular family was dealing with the problem of cramped living conditions. Since he couldn’t afford to employ skilled labors to expand his house, he was forced to take the matters into his own hands.

It All Started With A Tunnel

He started the working on the house by first chipping away the outer layers, but as he was digging in, he noticed something bizarre. The hole he was working on kept getting bigger and bigger, to the point that an opening started to peak through the hole. He thought to himself that it was rather strange since there wasn’t supposed to be anything here. But upon further investigation, he uncovered something so big that no one in the whole town could have fathomed.

Into The Darkness He Went

Once this mysterious chamber had been stretched by the pickaxe to accommodate a person, equipped with a mere flashlight, he decided to journey inside. Upon stepping into this chasm he noticed that he was inside a structure which very closely resembled a cave, with the slope leading him to the direction of gravity. There he found a doorway, beyond which the answer to this mystery awaited him.

Fear of the Unknown

Turkey is known to be the home of a huge variety venomous serpents and other creepy crawlies. One needs to look out for scorpions and spiders as much as they need to be wary of snakes in this region. So understandably this man was quite concerned as he ventured deeper into this cave. There was no telling when something would jump him and so his every step was placed with caution and slowly. The all-encompassing darkness added to his difficulties as well.

Opening Up

As this Turkish native walked deeper and deeper inside of this cave. He started to notice that there were outlines of something that looked to be made by man, some of which even resembled stairs. Had this man uncovered a tomb? Was a mummy waiting for him inside? At first, he was completely confused and couldn’t understand what it was, but soon all his questions were answered.

Definitely Not Natural

Now it was quite obvious to this man that he was inside no ordinary cave. He discovered what looked like a room that someone had carved out of the soil and noticed that they were spread around the entire cave network. He had clearly stumbled across something big and it looked like this place hasn’t had any visitors since a few decades now, maybe centuries. He was sure that this was a precious archeological discovery. But little did he know he was right in more way than he could have imagined.