Not Fitting In

By the time the expert team arrived at John’s place, the father and sons had already discovered twenty precious things which were so big that when he decided to keep them in his living room, it came as a surprise for him to see how they did not even fit in the largest room of his house. 

Never Seen

The small-town family had unearthed one of the large deposits at the site that could possibly be, and it was something even the experts had never seen. What could possibly be so rare and big that was hidden even from the eyes of these experts? 


The possession which they had just discovered was so rare and distinct for the eyes that John decided upon not telling about the discovery to anyone and he hid the treasure in his own living room without informing anyone. 


Finally, after two years, when a thought struck John that there might still be more to the discovery that had been made, he decided he would officially announce the treasure that he had unearthed and called in more volunteers to come and examine the condition. 

First Of Its Kind

After the discovery was unveiled by the family, everybody was stunned to see it. “The size of this discovery is quite uncommon,” said Sarah Horgan, education coordinator at the Museum of Natural History. It was going to be the first of its kind of discovery. 

Helping Hand

Hundreds of volunteers helped John and his family dig up a truly historic piece, which was going to be priceless. It was a fascinating find that was uncovered in the backyard of a farmer who must have not even dreamed of any such thing.