A Perfect Past

The sudden condition that Doug had started suffering from could not be related to his past activities because Doug had always been an active sportsperson. He had always been into athletics and a healthy student all through his life. Then what could have possibly been the reason for this sudden downfall in his health? 


The sudden ill-health was not a one-day occurrence in Doug’s life. His health kept deteriorating each day after that and there was no going back to being normally healthy again. He had a constant muscle ache and was unable to walk any further than fifty feet at the maximum. 

Finding Answers

Things did not seem to get any better in regard to his health and so Doug finally decided that he should visit a doctor because this was something more than a casual illness and he needed to know what was going on in his body. Ignoring the frequently occurring dizziness and the fact that he could not stand for more than two hours a day was not going to be the solution.


The biggest difficulty and risk that Doug had to face was orthostatic intolerance (OI). OI is a condition in which when a person is in an upright position his heart rate escalates and the blood pressure drops rapidly. The person is unable to stand for too long and if he does so, he is risked to a heart attack or a stroke. Things were only getting worse for 21 year-old Doug. 


Soon,it became impossible for Doug to even do daily chores, and therefore he had to drop out of college with a heavy heart. He could see all his dreams coming to an end and nobody had any solution for the problems that he was facing with the rare disorder. “You’d sit down to watch TV for ten minutes, you’d be fine, and all of a sudden it hit you”, said Doug.

No Answers

Even after visiting the best of doctors, Doug could not find a substantial answer to his questions regarding his health issues. The doctors were unable to understand or justify Lindsay’s condition and whatever treatment they were experimenting him with was proving to be of no use at all for him.