Once Again

 Robert and Nia could have not asked Lord for anything else as they were already blessed with everything a couple ever wanted. A loving spouse and a cute little toddler. They had it all. But, the almighty had some other plans for these newly-weds. And guess what, Nia conceived another baby. ( Keep a record, it is her second pregnancy). The couple always wanted a daughter and were eager to know whether their new one would be younger Nia or a younger Robert.

Something Strange

The couple was eager to feel their unborn’s feet and hands in theirs. As Nia already had a past experience of pregnancy, this time when things did not appear to be the same, she was worried. She felt severe bloating of the stomach than before and mood swings hit her hard. She visited her gynecologist, and the results of her first sonography test, left the couple baffled.

Expecting Twins

The tensed couple went to the hospital with a tensed smile, but when the doctor gave them a surprising news, they returned home with the happiest faces. Nia was absolutely fine and the changes she felt in her current pregnancy was due to the fact that this time she was expecting Twins! For the obvious reasons, the duo’s joy doubled. Robert was all and more happy to know that he will get to raise three kids on his own.

Two More Boys

The Tolbert’s gave birth to two handsome looking boys in 2015. Robert screamed they look just dashing as their dapper father. The twins were identical and were named Riley and Alexander. If you had been keeping a count, you know they are proud parents of three boys now. They were a family of five that in itself is quite big. Or did  it still have spaces for the unknowns?

Tiresome Hood

Their house was a mess. Their babies crawled here and there and there would be the adult Tolbert’s running behind them. It was then they realized what the experienced parents meant when they called parenthood to be the scariest hood. Nia was sleepy all time, thanks to her three babies who never let her sleep in the night. Nia started calling it a “Tiresome Hood”. Little did the woman know, she had a long way to go.

Destiny Had Its Role

Nia and Robert were coping up with the challenges this new addition into their family brought along with. They were too occupied with their kids that they did not realize when did the sun rose and when did the day come to an end. They thought to bring up a child was a task, but soon only realized that managing twins was even hectic. It was then they said to themselves that it was enough and they don’t want more kids. But, destiny had its role…