One of the most beautiful phases in a couple’s life is when they realize that they are no longer a couple but soon are going to be a family of three. The news of the unborn baby fills their life with cheer, joy, and happiness. Though all those who are not alien to parenthood says, “Parenthood is the scariest hood, one will ever go through”.

While its a challenging one, Nia and Robert Tolbert had to face the scariest side of it. Life was as usual to them until Nia got pregnant, surprisingly, for the third time. And the unbelievable occurrence that was highlighted in her third pregnancy’s ultrasound even left the medical world baffled. All they had to say was, “Is this even possible?”

Rare Scenario

Nia and Robert Tolbert were a couple madly in love with. They were the residents of Waldorf, Maryland. The 24 hours of their day were devoted to each other and all they knew was, it is love all around. Just like any other couple they too were eager to taste parenthood. However, things turned out in an unexpected manner. All of Nia’s pregnancies were exceptional cases, but the third one was so rare that it shocked the doctors worldwide.


Robert was a responsible father. He had fulfilled every duty that he as a father had. But, when Nia broke the odd about her third pregnancy, he could not take it. The news came shocking to him and he fainted. Poor Dad, little did he know that it was the beginning to a taxing phase. If you ask, why did he faint, then put in your minds and follow their bitter-sweet and rare tale…

Head Over Heels

It was the year 2007, and they were partying with their friends. Their eyes met, and they knew that was it. Nia and Robert met at a party organized by their mutual friends. Since then they had been dating. For them, it was definitely, love at first sight. Their interests and tastes matched and there was no reason for them to hold back. While they were busy cherishing the joys of this new freshness in their lives, they got another reason to celebrate.

Carrying A Baby

Nia was expecting her first baby. She was pregnant Keeping in mind, it’s just her first pregnancy). The duo was over the moon to receive this news. Stepping onto the ladder of parenthood was the very obvious next step in their relationship. And with the news of their unborn child, they felt that their relationship is complete in every sense.

Baby Boy

In the year 2011, the couple gave birth to a chubby little boy, who they named as Shai. Shai was the link who further concreted his parents’ relationship. He gave Nia and Robert an all-new reason to devote their time into their relationship. And with his birth, the couple took another major decision in their life. A decision that changed their life forever.

Tying The Knot

Nia and Robert had those cute little fights over changing Shai’s diapers. Both of them quarreled who would do it the next time when it needs to be changed. And with this, they gave a name to their relationship by tying the knot in 2014. They were now a picture-perfect family. However, they had no idea that this family picture was missing on a few unborn members.