Appearances are deceptive but most of us still tend to judge by first impressions. In today’s materialist world, how one dresses or presents themselves, tend to impact how someone thinks of them. It is superficial to be estimating someone solely based on their appearance because after all, there is more to everyone beneath how they look, and if someone cannot afford to look wealthy does not mean he CAN not pass for a wealthy person. To prove how illusionary appearances can be, this man was raised from rags to riches, well at least as far as his look is concerned and the result? You should judge for yourself.

Poor Of The Nation

It will be hard to admit the truth for some, nonetheless, it can’t be denied that most of us do not even throw a second glance at the homeless people who live on the streets. They are shabby, dirty, wear filthy clothes- in short, they have nothing that can create a lasting impression on a bystander or onlooker. In fact, people try to maintain their distance from them but what happens when one homeless person is given a makeover? Does society’s perception change?

Man Whose Life Changed

This is the story of a Spanish man who goes by the name of Jose Antonio. He was rendered homeless when he started having mental health problems. He was an electrician but depression ruined his entire stable life and brought him to the streets in Palma, Spain where he lived in a makeshift shelter for 25 years until something happened that changed his life, forever. 

Depression Got To Him

He was a victim of depression. This man who had a stable living, lost it all when he stopped feeling like getting out of bed as he felt depressed all the time. He lost his job, then his home and started living on the streets with no electricity, water or cooking facilities. He was 30 when he lost it all and when the life-changing experience came his way, he was 55. Who says you are too old for anything?

Looking Twicehomeless-man-transformation-jose-antonio-1-1

There are some faces who become familiar if we take the same route to travel. Since Jose had been on the streets of Palma for over 25 years, he was a known figure in the local community. People seemed to be quite fond of him and some exchanged greetings with him while going to work or school. He was such a fixture in the street of Palma that locals nicknamed him Josete. No one could have seen coming what this status would bring him.

Ground Reality

Now that he was homeless, Jose still had to do the bare minimum to keep himself fed. In the video ahead he says, “Being depressive your mood and your attitude are not usual so you throw yourself out on the streets.” He could not pay for a house or electricity but he HAD to be able to afford food, so he did odd jobs. One of these jobs was as a parking attendant in Majorca.

Not Like All Days Of 25 yearshomeless-man-makeover

It was supposed to be like rest of the days of his street life which he would have spent working as the parking attendant. But it wasn’t. A person named Salva Garcia, an employee at a salon in the locality approached him and made a proposal. No, not a marriage proposal but something even better for him. Something he could not refuse and something that changed his life from there on.