More Help

For a short while, it seemed as though the problem had faded. They thought that the noise issue would fade away but to their surprise, the opposite happened. The noises did not fade, in fact, it seemed as though it got even worse. So in the end, the bug-bomb did not make anything better. In fact, it seemed as though things were getting even worse.

A Professional

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So after trying to end the sounds with the bug bombs that did not lessen the issue, the family knew there must be something that could still be done. And so, the noise still as prominent as ever had to be dealt with still. They needed extra help as what they came up with solved nothing. The family then decided to call upon the help of a professional in the form of pest control specialist David Glover.

So Much Confidence

So when they finally came to terms with the fact that they did not know how to handle the situation themselves, the family called upon the pest control expert. So when they made the call, they reached out to David. He was feeling very confident that he would be able to solve everything if this was a bug- problem. He knew how to handle bugs.

In His Alley

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And since this man was a professional, David was certain that if this was something related to his daily encounters, he would be able to help. Since David has actually done this for several years, his experience in ridding houses from rodents or other pests had become an easy task. However, there was no way anyone could have guessed what was inside the walls of the house.

Tiny Openings

So since David had been doing this for years, he started getting to it as soon as he reached the family’s house. So the first thing that David did was to look around to see if anything was wrong with the house. He was snooping around the property and soon realized that there was a “weep hole”. This is a tiny opening that where water is drained from.

Another Discovery

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David took a very careful look at the house and the surroundings. He needed to know how and why these sounds were there. He inspected every inch of the house in the hope that it would lead him to the source. Soon, he found another tiny gap that was there in the middle of the kitchen window and the brick. He made a guess that an animal had probably entered from here.