A Miracle Cure

That is when Shannon came across the Paleolithic Diet. And the effect was almost instant. Her energy levels had increased, she was no longer feeling sick after having her meals. Once she had adopted this diet, Shannon had never looked back. For her, it became more of a lifestyle.

Becoming A Mother

In the year 2014, Shannon became the mother of a beautiful baby girl, Grace. As an enthusiast of health and nutrition, it was obvious Shannon would not compromise on anything for her baby. She may be on a strict diet now, but it took her a long time to figure out what works for her body and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. So when it came to her daughter, she was not willing to take any chances.

A Big Decision

Shannon knew she wants to keep Grace on a Paleo diet even before she was born. But she assumed it will be better to get a consult from a doctor first. Unfortunately, the doctor was not familiar with the diet, so ultimately the decision was Shannon’s. The new mother decided to go with her gut and follow the Paleo diet for Grace. 

One Exception

Shannon made one exception for the Paleo diet and that was the decision to breastfeed her daughter. As per the diet, you are not supposed to consume anything apart from fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. And a lot of parents who follow this diet for their kids do not believe in breastfeeding. But Shannon knew a newborn can’t eat raw vegetables and fruits or meat. So for the time being, she will stick to breastfeeding.


While we know that Shannon did speak with her doctor about introducing the diet to Grace, the doctor was not aware of the diet so he did not comment on it. However, he did warn Shannon to tread carefully. He believed that for a baby, it is important to receive nutrition from all kinds of food.

Stand Out

For most people, the fact that a mother has put her newborn on a strict diet will sound horrifying. But Shannon was not concerned about what people may think of her. For her, it was all about raising Grace with the same values and lifestyle she has lived her life in. Plus she was a follower of the diet herself so it is only natural to raise her girl in the same way.