How to get a best friend? No techniques available, we don’t look for them! Nor they are made for reasons, they become one because they deserve that and the same is true about this story we’re going to tell you, won hearts of many around the world for years and the best friends became popular enough together. We’ve all the interesting facts compiled for you.

Wildlife is full of surprises, even when we’ve known them for thousands of years. This unique happening occurred in such a way that everyone felt it was strange but were mesmerized by the incidents that unfolded and then the sad ending has its own hidden purpose behind it. This story is the most adequate example of how animals held in captivity are more likely to behave unexpectedly. Unbelievable pictures, exceptional incidents, protecting endangered animals, their smart and distinct traits due to captivity everything is in this story ahead.

The Primorsky Safari Park

Started working on February 3rd, 2007, the Primorsky Safari Park is located in the far-eastern parts of Russia, an arena inside the Ussuri Taiga forest. It was initiated to help the injured wildlife, who are mostly sent back in the wild once rehabilitated, very few are tamed. Previously, it wasn’t on Russia’s holiday spot list but thanks to the special moments that took place here, nowadays, the safari park is opened to visitors and shelters many abandoned animals too. One can catch a glimpse of the Siberian tigers, leopards, wild boars, sika deer, roe deer and red deer, Asian black bears, and other beautiful and rare animals. However, a sudden and strange incident increased the safari park’s fame overnight.

The Siberian Tiger

Amur, a Siberian Tiger has played the most important role in the whole incident. With less than 540 left in Russia, the country that holds more than 90% of this animal species. Siberian tigers are endangered species mainly found in the southeastern corners of Russia. Here, they’ve animal shelter in wild, the motive is to save the species, and for the same cause, the zoologists breed them in captivity where specialists can always keep an eye on their growth and assures a healthy diet and peaceful, in short, ‘a friendly to tiger environment’. However, Amur, the tiger was about to set a new trend soon.

Daily Meal

Amur a 3-year-old young tiger was born in captivity and just like any other animal at the Safari Park, Amur too has a fixed diet, that includes, salmon, beef, for five days and a live prey, such as, goats and rabbits that he could chase around, which was necessary for him to learn hunting and especially to satisfy his predatory instincts. But there was an odd one out prey waiting for Amur!and it has nothing to do with ‘what does amur tigers eat?’ they are happy to prey on rabbits, goats, sheep and deer.

Lonely Big Cat

The caretakers at the Safari Park were planning to bring in a tigress that could be Amur’s future mate, meanwhile, Amur was kept separately from other tigers and his sister Tiaga was in the next enclosure from where the two could just see each other as Amur was never really interested in sharing his kingdom. For a three-year-old tiger, it’s a time to socialize with his siblings and to find a tigress for himself, while Amur so far did nothing that’s usual, he never even showed a need for companionship. He stayed in his own enclosure and roared at times. Poor lonely guy!

Close To Christmas

On November 26th, 2015, that Thursday morning, it was Amur’s routine time to eat and he was just as hungry as he used to be on any other day. But lesser did he know and any of the zoologists at the park how one cold day was about to embark it in the history of Primorsky Safari Park. Nothing extraordinary about it so far because the sequence of extraordinary is yet to start!

A Bleat

Lunchtime was close and it was the day Amur gets an opportunity to hunt his prey down! He was ready for it and so should be his prey as soon as he sees a tiger, he should be ready to die. So, a male goat, bleating, was left in Amur’s enclosure and things were about to turn another way around soon.