We often take our family members for granted. Since we are always together, we often forget to remember that there could come a time when they disappear. A family is the most important possession one could have in the world and we often put their value down. Here is a girl who ended up realizing a long kept secret after her granddad decided to gift her a birthday present that she would most definitely never forget. This story will certainly make you curious about your family history…

So Much Excitement

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This is the story of Lauren, or ‘Ren’ as she prefers to be called. Ren was busy planning a party that would be spent with only her closest friends and family members. She did not wish to have a big party where everyone or anyone could join. Ren actually wanted something very low-key and intimate. She only wanted to spend time with the people she held dearest.

Waiting For 16

She was totally unaware of the fact that there would be an unforgettable surprise which her family members, well, more specifically her granddad had prepared for her. Ren’s grandfather had actually been planning on this surprise for about a decade before she would turn 16 years old. His efforts and planning were not about to go down the drain as the reaction was also epic.

A Decade-Long

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During all this time, Ren did not have any clue that her grandfather had been preparing something for her 16th birthday. This was no ordinary present as it took him over a decade. He was able to hide the present and keep it so secretive that not even Ren’s parents were aware of it. And indeed, what he was planning for the special event would be no simple present.


So there was a chance for Ren to know that she was in for the surprise of a lifetime. By the time she finally reached the age of 16-years-old, her birthday party was going to be quite unforgettable. And actually, the gift was such a big deal that left everyone who was in attendance teary eyes during the whole celebration. This was a gift that none of the invitees would ever forget…

Celebrating Their Bond

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The gift Ren was about to get from her grandfather on her Sweet 16 was certainly going to change the way she saw her grandfather forever. This was clear because he had gone all out and made sure the gift was a memorable one. Now for us to understand the full impact of the surprise, we need to take a look at their relationship, the strong bond they share. 

From Early On

The close relationship between Ren and her grandpa had already begun when Ren was very young. By the time Ren was only about 2 to 5 years old, she would often spend time with her friendly and caring grandfather. She was the apple of his eye and he held her very close to his heart. And during this time, her grandfather had already thought of his secret endeavor.