Retrieving Something

And as he observed the peculiar behavior of his dog Storm, Mark could tell that there was something else that pushed him to be this way. His dear dog was not trying to cool off at all, there was something else. He was not just swimming, Storm was eagerly moving towards something. Mark could see that his dog was going towards a lump in the sea. He assumed this to be a dead fish.

Something Else

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Since he had been taking care of Storm for a long while now, he knew all his likes and dislikes. And his Storm had a healthy appetite and would always be ready to munch on any yummy fish that was served to him. But Mark grew a little anxious that Storm would get sick had the fish been rotten or poisoned. Then Mark realized that there was something behind all of this, something he did not even suspect…

Unexpected Rescue

And when the dog finally grabbed onto the lump that called him to the sea, Mark was still not sure what it was. Storm had been swimming towards this all along and since Mark did not dive in too, he had to wait for his dog to return. So after a few minutes, the dog returned with something in his mouth. This was certainly not a fish. So whatever could this be then?

Another Concern

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Mark was also concerned about one other thing. He feared that his dog might get in trouble if he swims too deep. Since he did not join Storm, he was fearful that the dog might suddenly drown and that was a scary thought for his owner Mark. And then after waiting intently for his Golden Retriever to get back, Mark was standing on the beach…

Swimming To Shore

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For a dog lover, it would be scary enough to look at your dog swim in the big sea. You never know what lurks underwater so you can never be too sure. Even though the dog did not seem like he was in trouble or needed help, Mark was still afraid that the worst might happen to Storm. Then the dog was swimming back to shore with the thing in his mouth…

Jaw Dropping Reason

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As Mark was standing by the shore waiting for his dog to come back with the object that had taken his attention in the sea, he grew even more worried. Was the dog just get fooled by some garbage being thrown in the sea? Had he wasted his time and energy for some pile of trash that was dumped in the ocean? The revelation that Mark was faced with certainly dropped his jaw…