Love For Dog

Claire too just like her mom loves dogs. She likes to look after them and often helps her mother in their cleaning and feeding. However, she had never seen a dog giving birth so this was going to be her first time.

No Intervention

A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!They stood there with no intention of making any intervention. They just wanted to witness the magical moment and make sure that their dog survives the process without any problems. It was good that they were with Rio as the duo soon sensed that something was wrong. They had to do something quickly as Rio looked very much in pain.     

Something Is Wrong

A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!

Louise and Claire were standing at the sidelines whereas Rio was lying on the floor giving birth. Louise had seen Rio giving birth before so it did not take her much time to realize that the labor was not going the way it should have. Rio was screaming in pain and when they stepped towards her to have a closer look they realized a puppy had got stuck.   


The puppy’s head was stretched out whereas the body was stuck in. Rio too seemed extremely distracted. And now the responsibility was going to be on Louise and Claire to do something. They had only two options. They could be a fence sitter waiting for Rio to push through or they could give her a hand of help. Seeing her in so much pain, they decided to help her.    

All Hands On Deck

Louise remembers that when they realized that their pet dog is facing an obstacle, they went for “all hands on deck.” They immediately wore their gloves and came near to the dog.  

Helping Hand

They pulled the first puppy out of her. Had they not helped her in time, Rio would have died. Luckily after the first puppy was taken out all the other eight came out without any complications. Louise reminisces, “The first pup was stuck, so myself and my daughter Claire managed to free him and pull him out safely.”