There is this myth which people throw around casually that there are 6 other people in the entire world that look exactly like you. If you were living in America and some friend of yours told you that they saw a person who looked exactly like you, in Japan would you believe them? One gets to hear that they resemble so and so quite occasionally but having a person look exactly feature to feature like them is rare unless they are related. But what if they are not, is it a case of identity theft or is the myth true that there is more than 1 person who looks exactly like us out there.
This woman found herself in a situation like this.

A Shocking Share

Anais Bordier was just a regular student studying Fashion in London. She had her quiet circle of friends and enjoyed with them. There was, however, a sharp turn of events in her quiet life and in a matter of some months, this student who was not the most famous person in college made the international headlines. Obviously being a student and being brought up in the age of the internet meant that Anais was connected to people via social media. But it was only because of the internet that her life changed, forever.

The Day Things Changed

It was supposed to be just another day in London, in December 2012. Anais was on the bus going to buy some fabric when she got a notification from her friend Kelsang tagging her in a YouTube video and sharing it on her wall. There was nothing unusual about it. Both of them shared stuff on each others’ wall regularly. Anais opened the video and when she realized the reason why her friend had shared the video with her, she froze. But why?

She Was Looking At Herself

The video that the friend posted seemed to have been of Anais herself. When she talked about her experience later she recalled that this was her reaction, “I first thought who just put a video of me on YouTube without telling me, this is rude.” For some time she could not figure out what was happening. Why would someone photoshop her face on another person because she most certainly did not remember being a part of any video shoot? Was it a prank?

Never Been In A Video

So running all the possibilities in her head on the bus ride the destination of which she had quite forgotten now, all she could be certain of was that she had never made a YouTube video that involved her or anyone else for that matter. She thought that someone was playing a prank on her. If that was the case, how to get to the bottom of it all? She had a sleepless night.

Online Identity Theft?

Anais Bordier reckoned that she was being a victim of identity theft. In typical identity theft cases, the culprit uses the name and personal information of another person to steal money. If this was the case here why would someone steal Anais’ identity and make it public via a YouTube video? It did not make sense. She was just an aspiring fashion designer, why would anyone do this to her?

 Common Practice

Internet and social media have made the lives of people easier but it has its cons too. Online fraud case is on an all-time high and people come up with the most malicious ways to fraud the Netizens. Online scamming is a very common practice now. Anais saw that video more than once, repeatedly. Anyone would if they thought someone was stealing their identity. When she took a closer look, she was shaken.