Arriving Footsteps

The couple soon only conceived a baby. They were for some obvious reasons excited and happy. Their family will be complete and life would be bright. Alannah would get her sibling to play along. Unfortunately, it was all an illusion that will soon break into fragments that they would never be able to stitch together.

Taking Precautions

Hannah was taking all the necessary precautions. She had a daily routine to follow. She would go for small walks and a special yoga session. She wanted her newborn to be a healthy one. It wasn’t the first time she was pregnant, but as she already had Alannah to look after, things were a little difficult this time. Despite taking all the precautions, a tragedy struck the family.

The Unexpected

Hannah was in her second trimester when she faced some not-so-usual cramps. These were something different. She had feelings of anxiousness and nausea. All this worried her. She started having negative thoughts about her unborn baby. She immediately decides to visit her gynecologist. Was it the beginning of the unexpected?

Asking For Help

It was April 25, 2017, and Javonet had some work at his workplace and thus was not able to accompany Hannah for her check-up with the doctor. He thus asks one of their family friend Lauren Buteau, to go with Hannah and even requests her to take care of Alannah on his behalf. What Javonet couldn’t sense was it was not going to be a regular visit to the doctor.

 Busy Highway

The doctor’s clinic was situated in  Hall County. The highway which connected that place with Hannah’s resident was Highway 347 and it was one of the busiest ones amongst the others. Moreover, the appointment was of the morning it meant driving through heavy trucks and a congested road. As Hannah’s condition was critical, Lauren had no other choice than passing that route.

Lost Control

Hannah, Alannah, and Lauren drove off the highway. It was a busy one as expected. While Lauren was driving, Hannah experienced a sudden cramp in her belly and screamed of pain. Lauren got distracted and completely lost the control of the car. The Subaru Legacy that she drove crashed into the opposite lane. It was a deadly accident. What happened next was something Javonet did not even expect in his worst nightmare.