Taking A Closer Look

The girl and her father walked towards the trees between those lied the reason for their shock. It was white in color but clearly, it wasn’t snow. Then what else could it have been? Her father asked her to stay right there while he will go further to check if everything was fine or not. Sadly, they were going to face the most shocking discovery of their lives.

Strange Box

As her father assured her that he’ll be informing her about what he sees on every step, and took a few steps ahead of her. He turned back to tell her that it was just a box and he was about to check what was inside the box. However, the moment he bent to take a look inside it, he understood it was not an ordinary box.

A Look Inside

The moment they realized what was inside and the man stood there in shock while his daughter ran to hand over his cellphone. His daughter opened the phone’s camera and started to click pictures of that moment. They couldn’t believe how inhumane some people can be. 

Freezing Kitten

When they looked inside this white color box they noticed a small ginger kitten shivering with cold. Just a look at it was enough to say that she was severely ill. And this wasn’t all, there was more inside that box waiting to be rescued.

A Second Cat

As the daughter peeped inside the box, she noticed a second kitten who was smaller than the first one and was hiding behind it. They were definitely not going to leave those tiny kitties there to freeze to death.

Rescue Mission

The man and his daughter were well aware that these kittens wouldn’t survive another night in the open. By the snow on the top of this box, the father-daughter pair guessed that they were left here 3-4 hours ago. With the hopes of saving their lives, they decided to rescue them from cold.